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Professional Grade. American Made.   Whether looking for that advantage on the paintball field, conducting a training simulation, or jumping out of an airplane, go with the smoke grenade trusted by top paintballers and professionals alike.

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Smoke Grenade Variety Packs

Sport Smoke Variety Packs contain a mix of grenades for various purposes. Variety packs are great for players who want to outfit themselves for every situation or customers who would like to test out a selection of our different smoke products.

$114.70 (includes HazMat fee of $35.00) Tactical Pack (4 TSG, 2 BFG)
$134.70 (includes HazMat fee of $35.00) Battle Pack (4 BFG, 2 TSG)
$137.60 (includes HazMat fee of $35.00) Deluxe Pack (3 TSG, 3 SPE, 2 BFG)
$198.70 (includes HazMat fee of $35.00) Extreme Pack (4 TSG, 2 SPE, 3 PB-200, 3 PB-400, 2 BFG)
$177.60 (includes HazMat fee of $35.00) Value Pack (2 TSG, 2 BFG, 4 PB-200, 4 PB-400)
$129.50 (includes HazMat fee of $35.00) Electric Fire Tactical Pack (4 TSG-EF, 2 BFG-EF)
$150.50 (includes HazMat fee of $35.00) Electric Fire Battle Pack (4 BFG-EF, 2 TSG-EF)

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**We make every effort to fit your order into 1 box. If you order two HazMat products and they fit into 1 box you will be refunded $35.00**
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