Tactical Smoke Grenade

Sport Smoke Tactical Smoke Grenade
Sport Smoke Tactical Smoke GrenadeTactical Smoke GrenadeTactical Smoke GrenadeTactical Smoke Grenade
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The legendary Tactical Smoke Grenade (TSG) has long been recognized as the premier smoke grenade for paintball and airsoft. These amazing grenades produce a thick white smoke screen to cover movement and provide a major strategic advantage. the TSG is hand made in America and features a recessed smoke port giving it the performance, reliability, and safety you can only get from a Sport Smoke product.

Product Features

  • Pull ring igniter
  • Thick smoke, good hang time
  • Easy to handle and carry
  • Biodegradable
  • "Cool burning" Non-Pyrotechnic
  • Made in the USA

Product Specs

  • Fire Mechanism: Pull-ring
  • Smoke Output: 25,000 cu ft
  • Duration: 1-2 min
  • Dimensions: 4"×1.5"
  • Weight (lb): .24
  • Case qty: 164

Product Applications

  • Paintball / Airsoft
  • Military / Law Enforcement
  • Special Effects

Why should I go with the Tactical Smoke Grenade?

Performance and Value

The Tactical Smoke Grenade is what put Sport Smoke on the map. The design of the TSG centered around meeting the needs of serious scenario paintball and airsoft players. It had to check all the boxes; big smoke output, pull-ring ignition, compact size, reliability, safety, and affordability. The Tactical Smoke Grenade delivers in all of these categories and has established itself as our flagship product since its release.

Recessed Smoke Port

Only available from Sport Smoke! The Tactical Smoke Grenade features a recess at the base of the grenade to help prevent dry brush from coming into contact with the smoke, at the point where it exits the grenade. This, along with our spark and flame resistant design make the Tactical Smoke Grenade not only one of the best performing, but one of the SAFEST smoke grenades on the market.


*HazMat shipping: All products with pull ring or electric igniters are subject to a $53.00 HazMat box fee imposed by the carrier. This fee is included in the product price.
We will make every effort to fit orders into 1 box. If you order two HazMat products and they fit into 1 box you will be refunded $53.00 after checkout.

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Sport Smoke is a manufacturer of professional grade smoke grenades, hand made, right here in the USA. Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike, Sport Smoke sets a new standard in quality, safety and performance. Serving multiple industries, including; paintball, airsoft, tactical training, special effects, skydiving, and more, we are proud to offer the highest output and safest smoke grenades on the market today.

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