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Professional Grade. American Made.   Whether looking for that advantage on the paintball field, conducting a training simulation, or jumping out of an airplane, go with the smoke grenade trusted by top paintballers and professionals alike.


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NEW! Sport Smoke Bandolier

The New Sport Smoke Bandolier is a high quality, versatile carrying system for Tactical and BattleField Smoke Grenades. Made entirely of Mil-Spec US sourced materials, the Sport Smoke Bandolier is the toughest and best designed grenade carrier on the market. Our Bandolier features 6 TSG elastic pouches, 2 BFG elastic pouches, and 6 columns of MOLLE webbing where the user can attach additional pouches and accessories. The Sport Smoke Bandolier is fully adjustable and can be worn as either a traditional bandolier or as a waist belt. Learn More...

Sport Smoke Fall Smoke Grenade Giveaway

Get Ready for the Sport Smoke Fall Grenade Giveaway! Register online for a chance to win over $150 worth of the most reliable and highest output smoke grenades on the market! Shipping and hazmat fees on us! 

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Clemens Kuhlig Using Sport Smoke Electric Fire on the Wing Tips of his Stunt Plane!

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Clemens Kuhlig Using Sport Smoke Electric Fire on his Stunt Plane!

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Sport Smoke Pouches now available in Coyote Brown

Sport Smoke Pouches are now available in Coyote Brown! Our American made pouches are PALS/MOLLE compatible and feature Mil-Spec webbing and 1000 Denier Nylon fabric for excellent durability and light weight. The modular design allows for the quick addition or removal of extra pouches to accommodate various game scenarios and smoke grenade load-outs. Check Them Out!

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